How to highlight your github profile?

30 June 2021 10:00 PM
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Our github profile is our presentation letter as developers, we can show our projects, skill set, github stats and more. In this post i will show you how to highlight your github profile in two simple steps, let's go.

1. Create a markdown

Create a repository as name as your github username, this repository will be special because github will show this file content in your profile, so you only have to customize and be creative. Here are some tips that will help you at the moment that create your markdown:

  • Write about your programing languages, tools that you know and use icons for each one
  • Show your github stats, you can use this api for that, also you can customize the color, border, theme, etc. Here is an url example:
[![Jairo Lachira's GitHub Stats](](

NOTE: Don't forget to replace the your-github-username parameter with a real value.

this whill show something like that 👇:

Jairo Lachira's GitHub Stats

  • Another interesting api for showing your profile views counter is 👉 this , you need to add counter in file in your profile repository by Markdown syntax:

this whill show something like that 👇:

2. Customize your pins


Don't forget that you can pin your repositories in this section, you can pin up to 6, this section will make your github profile more attractive.

Finally, here are some github profiles for you to get inspired: